Welcome to SDFX Member Panel, a loose brokerage firm based in India that offers forex trading services to its clients. As it works in a country with no specific guidelines for forex brokers, Global SDFX needs more oversight from regulatory authorities.

An Overview Welcome to the SDFX Member Panel

It gives its clients access to various market instruments for forex trading. These tools typically include major currency pairs, minor money pairs, and potentially exotic currency pairs. However, the specific facts regarding the range of market instruments presented by SDFX Global are unavailable.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Global SDFX accepts payments and withdrawals exclusively through bank handovers. The exact details and procedures for depositing besides withdrawing funds from SDFX Global are not provided, so it is advisable to interact with their customer service for more precise information.

Customer Service

SDFX offers 24/7 customer support via multiple channels, including online messaging, email (info@sdfxglobal.com), telephone (+91 7601-821-012 / 7908-358-517 / 8927-834-513), WhatsApp (+91 7601-821-012), besides various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and YouTube. Clients can contact SDFX Global through these channels to seek aid or address concerns.


  • Multiple communication ways
  • Banking Transaction facility
  • offers 24/7 customer support
  • Member Panel support


• Lack of directive

• Lack of slide

• Lack of live chat package

• Limited trading strength classes

• Limited business experience


When we examined this broker on Wikifx, we found it is a non-regulated dealer with a meager score of 1.08 out of 10. Even Wikifx distributed a warning and asked to stay away after Global SDFX. It is an unregulated brokerage secure based in India that offers forex trading services to its clients. As it works in a country with no specific regulations for forex brokers, SDFX International lacks oversight from supervisory authorities.

Is it safe?

Based on the data, the need for a valid directive for SDFX Global raises concerns about its safety and lawfulness. Operating as an unregulated brokerage stable in a country with no specific regulations for forex brokers can surge the risk of potential scams or fraudulent practices. Therefore, traders must exercise caution when considering using SDFX as their broker. Opting for delimited brokers that provide stronger regulatory oversight and consumer shield measures is advisable.


Global SDFX is a loose brokerage firm based in India offering forex trading services without specific regulatory oversight. It provides entree-to-market instruments for forex trading, accepts deposits and withdrawals exclusively done bank transfers, and offers customer service through various communication stations. However, the lack of regulation, besides the lack of transparency, raises concerns about the safety and dependability of the company. Traders should carefully evaluate the associated risks before as SDFX Global as their broker.

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